Smart Safety Systems

ECA Group is a world-class player recognised for its expertise in robotics, specialised automation systems and simulation. ECA Group has been developing complete, innovative technological solutions for complex missions in hostile and confined environments since 1936.

Its product range is designed for an international client base that is demanding, both in terms of safety and effectiveness. The Group’s main markets are in defence, maritime, aeronautics, nuclear, energy, transportation and industrial equipment sectors.

ECA Group solutions cover two main business segments: Robotics and Aerospace.

The Division generated revenue of €112.5 million in 2019, around 41% of GROUPE GORGÉ’s overall revenue.




















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The Robotics division

Nine of the world’s ten leading armies are equipped with solutions developed by the Group. With globally acknowledged know-how and expertise, the Group has combined its design skills in the field of mobile underwater, sea, land and airborne drones and in integrated systems development for a complete line of solutions aimed at the defence, maritime, nuclear, oil, gas and manufacturing markets.

The Group is currently one of the only players in the world with a complete mobile robotics offer that can operate in all environments (under and on water, on land and in the air). This unique, competitive advantage enables it to address very specific needs in the different mobile robotics markets. The Group offers both mobile robotics and robot systems designed for specific missions.

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Simulation division

The Group has a very complete line of driving and mission training simulators with state-of-the-art technology.

Driver training simulation

The Group’s offer covers all environments and is designed for both defence and civilian customers:

  • flight simulation training for AIRBUS and BOEING aircraft;
  • land driving simulation (motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks – civilian or military);

Tactical mission simulation

The Group also offers solutions that provide training for a range of different situations likely to be encountered by police forces, fire fighters and the armed forces, etc. without risk to their personnel.

These solutions cover missions involving:

  • internal security (police, fire fighting);
  • defence (exploration of hazardous zones, underwater mine disposal).

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Aerospace Division

The Group provides solutions for civil and military aviation by designing assembly stations, production and maintenance tools, on-board electronic equipment and test equipment for aircraft manufacturers, as well as mechatronic repair and maintenance equipment (GSE – Ground Support Equipment) for aircraft operators.

The Group has gained new experience in three major areas: security electronics, radio transmission and measurement. In aeronautics, the Group now offers a complementary range of aircraft equipment, including emergency beacons, connectivity gear and energy conversion systems. In the space sector: ground stations and balloon systems (platform gondola and associated ground station), as well as electronic equipment (radio-frequency, microwave and signal processing).