Shareholder structure at 12/31/2018

Key figures

Change in revenue

In millions of euros20182017
Smart Safety Systems102.1113.5
Protection of High-Risk Installations134.3131.6
3D Printing60.934.8
Corporate and Eliminations(1.3)(1.6)


In millions of euros20182017
Smart Safety Systems14.514.2
Protection of High-Risk Installations2.8(0.8)
3D Printing1.2(1.2)
Corporate and Eliminations1.0(0.4)

*Current operating income before net charges to amortization and charges related to the allocation of free shares

Change in operating income

In millions of euros20182017
Smart Safety Systems7.36.7
Protection of High-Risk Installations(0.8)(5.2)
3D Printing(5.0)(6,7)
Corporate and Eliminations0.3(0,6)

*Consolidated adjusted results for the two subsidiaries of the Smart Safety Systems division whose closure or disposal was decided in 2017

Key financial data

In millions of euros20182017
Cash and cash equivalents (a)42.086.8
Financial debt (b)70.884.6
Tresury shares0.91.7
Net cash / (debt) including treasury shares(27.9)3,9

A word from the Chairman

Raphaël Gorgé

Raphaël Gorgé

Dear shareholders, investors and analysts,

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Raphaël Gorgé, Chief Executive Officer