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2016 – 2017

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17 September 2020Groupe Gorgé launches and redefines engineering and technology consulting servicesé
14 September 2020Groupe Gorgé awarded an export contrat in nuclear
worth more than €6 million
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28 July 2020First-half 2020 revenueDownload the press release
15 July 2020Groupe Gorgé finalizes merger of Van Dam with InterDamDownload the press release
5 May 2020Groupe Gorgé executives lower their remuneration in the context of COVID-19Download the press release
4 May 2020ECA Group wins a new around €20 million contract in naval mine countermeasuresDownload the press release
28 April 2020Resilient activity in first quarter 2020Download the press release
16 April 2020Significant industrial successes in Prodways Group’s material sales activity Download the press release
15 April 2020Groupe Gorgé announces the availability of its 2019 Universal Registration Document including the Annual Financial ReportDownload the press release
14 April 2020Prodways Group is mobilising to take part in the fight against COVID-19Download the press release
7 April 2020Groupe Gorgé remains eligible for PEA-PME schemeDownload the press release
23 March 2020Full-year 2019 resultsDownload the press release
26 February 2020Fourth quarter and full-year 2019 revenueDownload the press release
4 November 2019Strengthening of the Executive Management
Appointment of Hélène de Cointet as Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer
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24 October 2019Third quarter 2019 revenueDownload the press release
19 September 2019Availability of 2019 Half-year financial reportDownload the press release
18 September 2019First-half 2019 resultsDownload
17 September 2019Invitation to first-half 2019 results conference callDownload
25 July 2019First-half 2019 revenueDownload the press release
9 juillet 2019Groupe Gorgé finalizes the sale of Cimlec groupDownload the press release
25 June 2019Groupe Gorgé announces its plan to reorganize the share capital of its Fire Protection France businessDownload the press release
20 June 2019Groupe Gorgé announces its plan to sell one of the subsidiaries of the Protection of High-Risk Installations divisionDownload the press release
4 June 2019 Groupe Gorgé awarded an important contract in fire protectionDownload the press release
22 May 2019ECA Group awarded Belgian-Dutch naval contractDownload the press release
25 April 2019First quarter 2019 revenueDownload the press release
17 April 2019Availability of 2019 Registration documentDownload the press release
3 avril 2019Groupe Gorgé: significant improvement to the Group's profitability in 2018Download the press release
18 March 2019ECA Group wins an emblematic around €450 million contract in roboticsDownload the press release
27 février 2019Full-year 2018 revenue Download the press release
9 January 2019ECA Group announces an order of over € 15M in defense roboticsDownload the press release
3 January 2019Prodways Group strengthens its medical activities with the acquisition of Surdifuse-L’Embout FrançaisDownload the press release
3 December 2018Several significant successes for Prodways Group industrial 3D printers Download the press release
26 November 2018First major Nuclear commercial success in the USADownload the press release
5 November 2018Disposal AI GroupDownload the press release
26 October 2018Revenue up +10% in Q3 2018Download the press release
24 October 2018ECA Group receives a letter of intent for a contract worth more than €12M for the supply of equipment for the French Barracuda submarinesDownload the press release
16 October 2018ECA Group awarded a €4M contract by Sonatrach Download the press release
9 October 2018Naval Group and ECA Group offer an innovative mine hunting solution to Belgium and the NetherlandsDownload the press release
18 September 2018Availability of the 2018 Financial Interim ReportDownload the press release
14 September 2018Groupe Gorgé: improved profitability in the first half of 2018Download the press release
3 September 2018Prodways presents its new MOVINGLight® V10 ceramic 3D printer at the Additive Material Exhibition 2018 in ChinaDownload the press release
27 July 2017Revenue up by 4.1% in the first half of 2018, 2018 objectives upgradedDownload the press release
18 July 2018ECA Group awarded two contracts totalling close to €9 million for the supply of specific equipment to the Defence sectorDownload the press release
17 July 2018Prodways Group acquires Solidscape, a subsidiary of StratasysDownload the press release
28 June 2018Prodways, Schneider Electric and Platinium 3D boosting the development cycle of industrial productsDownload the press release
18 June 2018ECA Group raises its submarine equipment activities – static converters supply to several Navies for €6 millionDownload the press release
13 June 2018Vigians awarded a multi-million euro contract
by DuPont de Nemours
Download the press release
4 June 2018Prodways launches the new ProMaker LD-3, compact 3D printer, which will open new segment for professional quality in a compact designDownload the press release
27 April 2018Growth in revenue for Groupe Gorgé in Q1 2018, strong upsurge in 3D printingDownload the press release
19 April 2018ECA Group awarded three new orders totalling over €12 million in the field of naval roboticsDownload the press release
12 April 2018Availability of 2017 Registration documentDownload the press release
9 April 2018First multiple sales for the new Prodways ProMaker LD-10 3D printerDownload the press release
3 April 2018Groupe Gorgé: full year 2017 results Download the press release
19 March 2018Partnership between Nexteam Group & Prodways Group focusing on new RAF technology for the 3D printing of titanium partsDownload the press release
23 February 2018Increase in Groupe Gorgé’s revenue in the fourth quarter of 2017, strong growth in 3D printing divisionDownload the press release
15 February 2018ECA Group - Petrus: Significant Partnership and Positioning in Subsea Robotics Services (AUVs and ROV) for the Oil & Gas MarketDownload the press release
17 January 20182018 financial communication agendaDownload the press release
11 January 2018Groupe Gorgé and Prezioso Linjebygg (Altrad group) partner in the nuclear field and announce their first awardDownload the press release
10 January 2018An over 30 M€ contract- ECA Group to supply Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) to French Ministry of Armed ForcesDownload the press release
8 January 2018Groupe Gorgé unveils Vigians, the new brand identity of the Protection of High-Risk Installations divisionDownload the press release
22 December 2017Groupe Gorgé: guidance updateDownload the press release
3 November 2017Prodways Group : completion of AvenAo acquisition; 2018 revenue target of €50 millionDownload the press release
26 October 2017Successful sale by Groupe Gorgé of 7.5% of Prodways Group's capitalDownload the press release
26 October 2017Groupe Gorgé announces the sale of a block of shares representing 7.5% to 10.0% of Prodways Group's capital Download the press release
25 October 2017Groupe Gorgé Q3 2017 revenue: strong performance of the 3D Printing divisionDownload the press release
September 12th 2017Availability of the half-year financial report as of June 30, 2017Download the press release
September 11th 2017Groupe Gorgé reports 2017 half-year resultsDownload the press release
September 6th 2017Prodways Group announces the acquisition of Interson-Protac in 3D printing for medical useDownload the press release
September 1st 2017Dreve renews trust in Prodways with the purchase of its 13th MOVINGLight® 3D printer for its USA facilitiesDownload the press release
August 1st 2017Prodways Group, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, broadens its Industry 4.0 offering with the acquisition of AvenAo IndustrieDownload the press release
July 27th 2017Groupe Gorgé’s first half 2017 revenue in line with 2017 objectivesDownload the press release
July 12th 2017ECA Group awarded a significant contract for French Navy’s PAP subsea demining robots Download the press release
July 4th 2017Groupe Gorgé successfully delivers the first residential fire sprinkler system in FranceDownload the press release
June 28th 2017ECA Group navalizes its aerial drone IT180 UAVDownload the press release
16th June 2017ECA Group, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, launches its new range of "ELiTe" Emergency Locator Transmitter for commercial aviationDownload the press release
15th June 2017Prodways Group, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, presents its new Rapid Additive Forging technology for the 3D metal printing of large partsDownload the press release
6th June 2017Prodways Group, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, opens up new horizons for 3D-printed footwearDownload the press release
23rd May 2017Over-allotment option for Prodways Group IPO exercised in fullTo find out more about
15th May 2017Groupe Gorgé announces the signature of a major contract of approximatively €20M for Hinkley Point EPR™ project in EnglandDownload the press release
11th May 2017Outstanding success of Prodways, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, IPO on Euronext ParisTo find out more about
3rd May 2017Tightening of the indicative price range as part of the IPO of PRODWAYS GROUPTo find out more about
25th April 2017Revenue increase of 10 % in the first quarter of 2017Download the press release
5th April 2017Availability of the 2016 registration document (French version)Download the press release
28 th March 2017Prodways Group celebrates the delivery of its 4000th pair of ScientiFeet orthopaedic insoles created through 3D printingDownload the press release
24th March 2017PRODWAYS GROUP files its base document for its IPO on Euronext ParisTo find out more about
22nd March 2017Annual Results: Good 2nd semester. Operating income up 58%Download the press release
20th March 2017Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, presents its next generation of 3D printers at the International Dental Show (IDS)Download the press release
7th March 2017Groupe Gorgé plans to launch an initial public offering (IPO) on its 3D printing division, Prodways GroupTo find out more about
3rd March 2017Groupe Gorgé announces several contracts for its Aerospace division and a new application for 3D printingDownload the press release
27th February 2017ECA Group awarded a contract by an Asian MOD for degaussing & UAV IT180 based magnetic ranging systemDownload the press release
23rd February 2017Target revenue achieved: €281.2 M, strong growth in 3D printingDownload the press release
21st February 2017ECA Group announces 2nd contract for Military Vehicle Training SimulatorsDownload the press release
24th January 2017ECA Group chosen by Ifremer to develop an innovative ultra-deep Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for survey and inspectionDownload the press release
9th January 2017Groupe Gorgé remains eligible for PEA-SMEs in 2017Download the press release
4th January 20172017 Financial agenda publicationDownload the press release
3rd January 2017Annula report on liquidity contract at 31 December 2016Download the press release
7th December 2016André-Luc Allanic, Director of the R&D department of Prodways, voted 2016 Engineer of the YearDownload the press release
1st December 2016ECA Group, subsidiary of GroupeGorgé, strengthens its Aerospace division with the acquisition of ELTADownload the press release
30 November 2016Prodways, a Groupe Gorgé subsidiary, and the CEA renew their R&D partnership to continue development of the 3D printing technologies of the futureDownload the press release
22 November 2016ECA, a Groupe Gorgé subsidiary, announces the
acquisition of 60% of the capital of BE Mauric
Download the press release
18 November 2016Prodways, a Groupe Gorgé subsidiary, partners with Cerhum to strengthen its ceramic offer and develop the 3D printing of the futureDownload the press release
15 November 2016Prodways, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, launches the marketing of new high-productivity laser sintering printers “powered by Farsoon”Download the press release
14 November 2016Prodways, Groupe Gorgé's 3D printing division, announces several strategic partnerships and the appointment of a new Managing DirectorDownload the press release
25 October 20162016 Q3 RevenueDownload the press release
20 October 2016ECA Group confirms important AUV order for FR/UK underwater mine countermeasure programmeDownload the press release
19 October 2016OCEA, DCI & ECA unveil their common solution for MCM operations - risk control and efficiency for NaviesDownload the press release
18 October 2016ECA Group, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, receives the Innovation Trophy at the Euronaval tradeshow for “STERNA”, an application for the IT180 unmanned aerial vehicle in the naval defence sectorDownload the press release
3 October 2016Prodways, a Groupe Gorgé subsidiary, develops a new metal 3D printing technologyDownload the press release
29 September 2016Disposal of Groupe Gorgé Shares by Bpifrance for approximately €21 millionDownload the press release
20 September 2016ECA group delivers its first robotic systems for underwater mine disposalDownload the press release
9 September 20162016 half-year financial results: Current operating income up by +57.4%Download the press release
5 August 2016ECA to sign a unilateral commitment to purchase the ELTA companyDownload the press release
26 July 2016Strong growth in revenue in Q2: +33.5%
Download the press release
19 July 2016Melodi reinvents the exploration of marine resourcesDownload the press release
12 July 2016First sale for TOWSCA & SEASCAN within a contract for three Mine Countermeasures unmanned systemsDownload the press release
21 June 2016Prodways announces the signature of a new partnership in Japan with Altech Group and the first sale of 3D printers via a partner in KoreaDownload the press release
9 June 2016ECA and Delair-Tech announce their technological and commercial partnershipDownload the press release
19 May 20163D printing: Groupe Gorgé launches "Les Créations", its Luxury, Design, Art and Architecture divisionDownload the press release
16 May 2016Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, presents the first industrial laser sintering printer at under €100,000 and signs a strategic partnership with BASFDownload the press release
13 May 2016Acquisition of Portafeu NucléaireDownload the press release
12 May 2016President François Hollande of French Republic has visited ProdwaysDownload the press release
2nd May 2016Prodways opens up new horizons for 3D printingDownload the press release
26 April 2016Revenue growth for Q1 across all divisions (+13.6%)
Download the press release
5 April 2016Availability of the 2015 registration document (French version)Download the press release
4 April 2016Increase in Net income in the second halfDownload the press release
1st April 2016Prodways launches a new thermoplastic polyurethane material (TPU) for its laser sintering rangeDownload the press release
22 March 2016Groupe Gorgé remains eligible for PEA-SMEs in 2016/2017Download the press release
14 March 20163D printing: Prodways announces the sale of 6 first machines using laser sintering technologyDownload the press release
9 March 2016ECA Group announces three simulator contracts in Asia for more than €6MDownload the press release
25 February 2016Annual revenue significantly exceeded target to reach €264.8M, up 18.6%Download the press release
22 February 2016Proposed acquisition of Portafeu Nucléaire - Renewal of the line of equity financingDownload the press release
15 February 2016Significant commercial success of airborne dronesDownload the press release
21 January 20163D Printing: Prodways announces the signing of a strategic partnership agreement for its Aerospace division with Nexteam GroupDownload the press release
6 January 2016ECA Group announces the creation of a service company dedicated to UAV’s: ECA DRONEDownload the press release

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