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Unrivalled market position spanning the entire 3D printing value chain.
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Prodways Group is the French market leader in industrial and professional 3D printing.

The Group develops a comprehensive range of industrial 3D printing solutions and spans the entire value chain including design of printable plastics and machines, integration of 3D design software, prototyping and serial production.

Prodways Group solutions can be tailored to the technical specifications and quality and profitability requirements of customers operating across a wide range of demanding industry sectors including aeronautics, defence, healthcare and jewellery.

Prodways Group seeks to encourage and support the creation of a European 3D printing hub of excellence, paving the way for revolutionary new manufacturing models.

Prodways Group has an installed base of over 5,000 3D printing machines worldwide, delivers over 1 million parts every year and employs 475 people in France, USA and Germany.

3D printing: an industrial and social revolution

3D printing or additive manufacturing allows manufacturers to produce custom parts on an industrial scale, thereby saving considerable amounts of time and money.

Additive manufacturing is fundamentally different from standard manufacturing processes in that the final part is created layer by layer in a single-phase operation, without moulds and without the loss of material inherent to machining processes.

Developed around 30 years ago and still largely used for rapid prototyping, this technology has proved its efficiency and relevance for a wide variety of industrial applications in sectors where Prodways Group is positioned:

  • In the jewellery industry, for instance, 3D printing replaces the lost-wax moulding process.
  • In the healthcare sector, dentures, hearing aids and even bone replacements can be precisely fashioned to each patient’s requirements.

In the aeronautics and defence sectors, which generally require high-precision manufacture in small or medium-sized series, 3D printing can help to produce lighter or more complex parts.

Additive manufacturing is a key driving force behind the new industrial revolution of the 21st century. The technique is also more in keeping with environmental and social considerations, as it uses less material, produces custom parts on demand and enables production plants to be relocated closer to the market.

3D printing systems for industrial production

The Group develops and markets a range of 3D printers based on three plastic technologies (powder sintering, DLP and lost wax) and one metal technology, offering unparalleled speed and precision.

Prodways Group also has expertise in developing 3D printing plastics (polymer powders and resins) and distributes 3D design CAD software.

Prodways Group’s innovation capacity, leading to the registration of over 40 patents, and complementary offering have established it as a leading proponent of Industry 4.0.

Serial production of custom parts

The Group designs and sells 3D printed parts either directly for manufacturers or via in-house production for different areas of the healthcare sector (audiology, chiropody, dental care).

Prodways Group’s engineering department and experienced team of experts can help manufacturers incorporate additive manufacturing into their production processes. The Group’s 3D printing facility houses France’s largest fleet of machinery comprising 32 printing systems, including 22 plastic printers and 10 metal printers covering all technologies available on the market.

Furthermore, through its healthcare verticals the Group delivers directly to health practitioners working in the audiology, chiropody and dental care sectors, supplying certified products made using scanning techniques for taking patient impressions and 3D printing for manufacturing medical devices.