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Since 1936, ECA Group has been developing high value-added technological solutions for complex missions in hostile environments. These innovative solutions extend the limits of human capabilities and support training, exploration, location and protection for their clients.

Its product range targets an international client base that is demanding both in terms of safety and effectiveness. ECA Group’s main markets are in the defence, maritime, aeronautics, nuclear, energy, transportation and industrial equipment sectors.

The Group is one of only a few in the world to offer drone systems for all environments: air, land and sea. It also has a range of flight and driving training simulators for planes and land vehicles.

ECA Group employs 700 people at eight sites in France, Belgium and Singapore.

Global benchmark for anti-mine systems

Naval mines remain a threat and a highly effective way to disrupt marine navigation or naval operations. They are cheap, easy to use and lethal. For over 50 years, ECA Group has been committed to working with armed forces to reduce the threat of mines.

ECA Group is a market leader in specialty autonomous and remote-controlled solutions that can detect, classify, identify and neutralise mines, while keeping operators away from the danger zone.

ECA Group applies its internationally renowned expertise and know-how to develop drone systems that operate underwater, on the surface, on land and in the air. They are used in more than 80 countries.

In May 2019, the Belgium Naval & Robotics consortium, comprising Naval Group and ECA Group, won the world’s first contract based on the innovative “stand-off” technique for clearing naval mines remotely. The consortium will supply Belgian and Dutch marines with 12 minesweepers built by Naval Group carrying a dozen ECA Group UMISTM anti-mine drone systems.

Global leader in emergency locator transmitters for the aerospace industry

Change is a constant in aerospace and the industry is a breeding ground for cutting-edge technologies and innovation. The quest to improve and perfect industrial processes never stops. ECA Group has been engaged in civil and military aviation for more than 15 years. Its reliable and innovative solutions, combining mechanics with electronics, automation and robotics, address the full life-cycle of aircraft from development to decommissioning.

At the industrial development phase, ECA Group designs embedded equipment for connectivity, air safety and radio transmission. It is also the world’s leading maker of aircraft locator transmitters with more than 26,000 beacons installed by more than 340 airlines and by nearly all commercial aircraft makers.

As a production process specialist, ECA Group solutions contribute to multiple crucial stages of the aircraft manufacturing process, from traditional and additive manufacturing of machine tools to designing production tests and construction of assembly lines and in-plant logistics.

In maintenance and repair, ECA Group offers aircraft operators a range of diagnostic tools. In training, it offers a complete range of flight simulators, so crews can skill up without endangering either themselves or their kit.

A new range of autonomous guided vehicles (AGV)

The Group has developed a new generation range of autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) for logistics and industrial applications. They can work inside or out, to optimise logistical flows and load-carrying on industrial sites while providing total safety for pedestrians, cyclists and trucks. The range is aimed at the logistics, aerospace, aluminium plant and naval markets, or any other sector that needs robotic solutions for their logistics flows.

Aware of environmental and climate challenges, ECA Group has also developed an electric AGV solution and is currently working on a hydrogen-powered version to limit CO2 emissions.