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Groupe Gorgé’s engineering and technology consulting business is conducted by two subsidiaries, Seres Technologies and StedY.

Seres Technologies: risk prevention expertise

Founded in 2012, Seres Technologies is an engineering, expertise and consulting firm specialising in risk management. Seres offers a complementary range of services designed to meet the most complex technological challenges, particularly in demanding sectors such as energy, nuclear power, defence, transport and life sciences.

Through its two brands, Seres and Mekkatronix, the company delivers genuine value-added to its customers via all-encompassing technological solutions.

Under the Seres brand, the company offers services and engineering in safety and security risk prevention (quality, safety, environment and nuclear safety), ergonomics, operational reliability and integrated logistics (analysis, modelling and assessment of complex systems with critical requirements in terms of reliability, operational availability and safety/security) and life sciences. Mechatronics is a discipline that combines mechanics, electronics, computing and new information and communication technologies in order to rethink the entire product life cycle from design through maintenance to recycling. Mekkatronix engineers and experts provide sector-specific solutions and take a global approach to developing complex systems.

The 180 consultant engineers working for Seres Technologies are based at the head office in Marseille and at nine offices delivering local services in France, Belgium and Canada.


R&D division focused on future technologies

Seres Technologies began its development by specialising in the nuclear and defence industries. Nowadays, the company serves new front-line sectors such as transport (rail, automotive, aeronautics), healthcare and biotechnologies.

For this purpose, the company set up an R&D division focused on future technologies to serve the needs of digital transformation and new ways of operating, such as connected cars, hydrogen batteries and offshore wind farms. rethinking the engineering and technology consulting model

StedY is a new-generation engineering consultancy that bestows greater transparency, efficiency and commitment on the relationship between consultants and clients.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning as core features of the solution developed, engineers are more rapidly and suitably matched to assignments in order to maximise the success of engineering projects while avoiding cost overruns. To facilitate this process, the platform lists the companies posting assignments, including the relevant descriptions, and the consultants available.

Based in Paris and Marseille, StedY puts power back in the hands of its clients and consultants by reaffirming the values enshrined in the contract that binds them, namely transparency, efficiency and commitment.

Using an empowering approach, StedY meets the new requirements of outsourced engineering consultants and clients by giving them the means to work better together within the framework of a long-term trust relationship. Consultants are free to choose their assignments, commit themselves fully to the client and maximise their remuneration thanks to the company’s low mark-up by market standards, while the client enjoys the transparency required for seamless cooperation between its staff and the external consultant.

Each consultant can choose the client that suits them in terms of the intrinsic value of the projects on offer. And to go one step further, each consultant can allocate 1% of the annual revenue they generate to one of 600 environmental protection projects sponsored by StedY’s partner 1% For The Planet.