A commitment to act as a Group in an ever more responsible manner with regard to ethics, compliance and consideration for stakeholders.
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Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct

The Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct embodies the Group’s commitment to conduct its business with transparency and integrity. The Code is circulated to all employees and sets out the ethical guidelines to be followed by the Group and each of its employees.

The Code sets out the principles regarding:

  • relations with public officials
  • Group policy regarding gifts and invitations
  • rules on donations and sponsorship
  • prohibition of political financing
  • facilitation payments
  • managing conflicts of interest

The Code forms part of the Internal Regulations of each Groupe Gorgé subsidiary that does not have its own code. The Code is included in the welcome kit provided to all new hires.

The Group also has an Internal Whistleblowing Policy enabling each employee to report confidentially on violations of the code of conduct in force at the relevant company.

In 2019, 119 employees received anti-corruption training and all new hires were given the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct.

Stock Market Ethics Charter

The Stock Market Ethics Charter is designed to remind Group and subsidiary employees of the rules and principles in force with regard to market conduct.

The Code sets out the principles regarding:

  • the definition of inside information
  • preventive measures in force
  • quiet periods and closed periods