Our values

More than just a high-tech Group, we are first and foremost a team of women and men driven by a common corporate culture.
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Sharing ambition

Performance has no meaning without a definite goal. Here at Groupe Gorgé, we are responsible for the industrial success of our corporate clients.

We must remain lucid and intuitive in order to keep our high-tech industries on the move.

We refuse to sit on our laurels: each action we undertake is a springboard towards success and, above all, a source of knowledge to be passed on to future generations.

We give our people the courage to see big, to grasp opportunities and to guide their industries along the road towards performance.

Sharing entrepreneurial energy

We are a Group of entrepreneurs: we are all free to take the initiative, make suggestions and try out our ideas in aid of a common cause.

Joining Groupe Gorgé means learning every day that enterprise is within reach of every single person. We encourage our people to be agile in the way they think and act in order to identify opportunities and industries undergoing transformation and be able to challenge themselves.

We radiate entrepreneurial energy because industrial success is above all an exciting human adventure.

Sharing efficiency

Our corporate culture advocates performance.

We are driven by a ceaseless endeavour to find simple solutions to complex problems experienced by our industries in order to give our Group’s companies and entrepreneurs the means to constantly increase their productivity.

We share our efficiency culture so that each employee and each industry can be creative, innovate and grow as fast as possible under the best possible conditions.