Constantly looking toward the next industrial transformation.
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The Group in brief

Groupe Gorgé is an industrial group specialising in high-technology and imbued with a strong entrepreneurial culture.

Founded by Jean-Pierre Gorgé in 1990, the Group provides long-term support to its companies and entrepreneurs as they develop know-how and build value in a range of high-tech sectors.

As a family group Gorgé takes a long-term view of value creation. This creates the solid foundation for a fast-moving culture among its people, constantly looking toward the next industrial transformation.

Groupe Gorgé is a leading player in its high-tech markets and operates around the world in innovative and growth sectors: drones, robotics, engineering and protection systems.

The Group offers innovative solutions to demanding industrial customers, mostly in the sectors of defence and security, energy, health and aerospace.



Key figures

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Our divisions
Drones & Systems

Recognized for its expertise in drones, automated systems and simulation, since 1936 the ECA groupdevelops innovative and complete technological solutions for complex missions in hostile or constrained environments. The ECA group offers its solutions in two activities: Robotics and Aerospace.

Engineering & Protection Systems

The Engineering & Protection Systems division makes infrastructures safer. It is involved in engineering and technology consulting and fire protection.

Message from the Chairman & CEO

In a constantly changing environment, our Group has been acting for nearly 30 years in high-tech businesses that transform each of their industries. Constantly abreast of market transformations, we position ourselves in markets and technologies of the future, at different levels of maturity, to deploy ourselves at a time when innovations are being transformed into industrial realities and to create synergies between our businesses.

We are a family-owned, industrial, high-tech group. Entrepreneurial energy, search for efficiency and ambition create our state of mind shared by our 1,280 employees. They are at the heart of our success.

Today, our know-how is expressed through 2 divisions and we can rely on the expertise of the men and women in our Group and on our sustained investment in research to develop our businesses and assert our leadership positions in cutting-edge markets.

Groupe Gorgé is an agile and demanding company, at the service of its public and private customers, for the collective success of all its stakeholders.

Our markets

Through each of its business lines, Groupe Gorgé addresses the priority markets of defense and security, energy, aerospace, health and construction.

Defence & security
  • Drone systems (air, ground, sea) for mine clearance missions
  • Surveillance drones
  • Military land vehicle driving simulators
  • Consulting on engineering, ergonomics, security and safety for the defence industry
  • Consulting on risk management and security of industrial, petrochemical and nuclear installations and energy innovations
  • Autonomous vehicles for logistics transportation
  • Inspection robots for oil & gas platforms
  • Emergency locator transmitters
  • Aeronautic, electronic and mechanical test equipment
  • Robotic systems for assembly lines
  • Flight simulators
  • Active fire protection (sprinklers) at industrial sites and shopping centres
  • Passive fire protection (doors and barriers) for service buildings
  • Consulting on engineering, ergonomics, security and operations