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An end-to-end offering of fire protection solutions from design to maintenance.
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Vigians Protection Incendie is a leading French provider of fire protection solutions. The company operates through three subsidiaries CLF Satrem (active fire protection), SVF (passive fire protection) and Amopsi (fire safety engineering).

The CLF Satrem offering spans the entire life cycle of an active fire protection system, from consulting through to compulsory maintenance. This guarantees a recurring revenue stream that enhances the company’s visibility. CLF Satrem offers a broad spectrum of proven fire prevention solutions and technologies that can be tailored to customer requirements, including sprinklers, fire hoses, exterior systems and water mist systems.

Water-based fire extinguishing systems require careful planning to allow for infrastructure restrictions and the design of the building. Vigians engineers and design offices work hand-in-hand with architects, specialist engineering firms and insurance companies in order to identify the solutions most suited to the client’s requirements during the initial design phase. CLF Satrem operates throughout France via a network of 10 sales offices and branches and 220 qualified fitters serving over 800 customers in the services and manufacturing sectors.

Through its subsidiary SVF, Vigians offers efficient and innovative fire-resistant glazed doors custom designed by the design office, certified by the most exacting laboratories and manufactured in the company’s workshops in eastern France. These products are highly appreciated for their stainless steel, aluminium or high quality metal coatings by architects seeking to design state-of-the-art buildings.

Vigians also has a subsidiary specialising in engineering and consulting in agnostic fire protection solutions.

Comprehensive fire risk protection for people and property

Fire risk is a real threat for both people and property. In France, fire brigades were called out to deal with 316,100 fire-related incidents in 2019, up 3% from 2018.

Among the current range of active solutions, sprinkler systems offer the best fire protection of people and property and are compulsory in certain types of location. These systems can detect a fire as soon as it starts, sound the alarm as the fire begins to spread and control it until the emergency services arrive. Sprinkler heads located in areas of rising temperature release the amount of water required to put the fire out.

Sprinklers systems are compulsory in some types of location (warehouses, shopping centres, cultural venues, etc.) and highly recommended by insurance companies in a number of other cases. Their use is also spreading in the residential sector, especially in retirement homes and hospitals where they can help save the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.